Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wolfmother Win Grammy For Best Hard Rock Performance

In a ceremony held before the broadcast of the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, Wolfmother picked up an award for Best Hard Rock Performance. Their song, "Woman," beat out tunes by Buckcherry, Tool, System Of A Down, and Nine Inch Nails.

In a pre-show ceremony where stars prefer the red carpet over the pre-show awards, Wolfmother raced up go get their award

"Thank you very much. We're blown away. This doesn't happen very often at all to in Australia any band. So, I'm going to go right to the speech because I was sitting there in the hotel and I thought about, 'Maybe we could win? What would happen?' So, I just want to thank my parents, Mike and No, and my brother Christian. They came over for this. My brother got me started on guitar when I was a kid. We just got together in Sydney, three guys and tried to write some songs. Here we are in LA. We made the record here down at the Beverly Laurel, and here we are two years later with this. It's amazing."

Backstage after getting their Grammy, the band said they're now part of Hollywood royalty.

"It's funny. Like, you do have ideas that it's sounding good and maybe the gigs will get bigger and things will happen, but like a Grammy that's the last thing that was on my mind. I thought that was something that was reserved for the permanent residents of Bel Aire. Well here we are. Maybe we should move there? With this (points to Grammy statue) just rock up to the entrance and be like, 'Dudes! Check it! Give me a house!'"

The Grammy is Wolfmother's first. The Grammy for Best Heavy Metal Performance went to Slayer, who edged out performances by Mastodon, Lamb Of God, Ministry, and Stone Sour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thought maybe someone would enjoy this odd stoned out band. Not stoned in the traditional since, but in the goofball sense - pretty funny stuff. Better than WolfMother for sure.

Marijuana Wolf:


9:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this shit is hilarious:


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