Sunday, January 28, 2007

Queens Of The Stone Age: Rumored new album tracklisting

In July 2006, Homme confirmed that "we're back in the studio, writing", but when asked who's in the band this time around he said "That's not a healthy question. You'll ruin the surprise. We've gotta keep our cool."

On November 4th, in a Ask The Band video feature on the official website, Josh Homme described the new record as "dark, hard, and electrical, sort of like a construction worker".

In mid-December, a rumour started circulating on a St. Louis Radio Station forum that the new QOTSA album would be titled 'Bound to Midnight'. A tracklist for the album soon surfaced soon afterwards with added notes on the songs by one of the station's DJ who claimed to have received an e-mail from an intern at Interscope who had heard the album when the final mix was brought in.


I have decided not to publish the list in respect for the band who at this stage I suspect would rather want to continue the level of secrecy they have developed for the recording of their latest album. If you desperately need to see the list, post a comment asking to see it or find it yourself. Although the list is interesting it may not be even true and hardly something that the band would want their fans seeing at this stage . The jerk intern that sent the email prob didn't think and just acted on impulse. Patience is a virtue.


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