Friday, March 16, 2007

Dawn of the Era Vulgaris

What a way to start the day. We just went to the world's first ever playback of the new Queens of the Stone Age album, 'Era Vulgaris'. Well, nine tracks of it at least. And since it finished literally minutes ago, we're quietly confident that this is the first 'review' anywhere in the world.


A little background: 'Era Vulgaris' translates as 'common era', an opposite notation to the calender category 'ano domini' - "in the year of our Lord". So the Era Vulgaris effectively means 'the age without God'. We think. It has something to do with the Gregorian calendar.

'Era Vulgaris' the album is a step further into Pagan psychedelia, tighter and leaner than 'Lullabies To Paralyse' while going yet further into Hansel and Gretelish strangeness. It also features the song 'Make It Witchu' from the Desert Sessions, which they played on the last tour, and used to have Mark Langegan singing, but now has Josh. And it is, of course, ace.

Here, for your delectation, is the almost-tracklisting, complete with one-word descriptions...

'Turning On The Screw' (psych)
'Sick Sick Sick' (thump)
'Into The Hollow' (bounce)
'Battery Acid' (sludge)
'River In The Road' (Cydonia)
'Suture Up Your Future' (stoned)
'3s and 7s' (wonky)
'I'm Designer' (earthquake)
'Make It Witchu' (croonerish)

As soon as SXSW climaxes, TMI is doing a bit of a rock pilgrimage to the Joshua Tree, home of Desert Sessions HQ the Rancho de la Luna, to lose our minds at the heart of rock'n'roll darkness. If we're lucky we might even get to quiz Josh about his new opus...

This was from NME

Well there you have it, the real track listing for Era Vulgaris. I assume that is not all the songs, as Josh has stated, it is a album for the fans, so I doubt that QOTSA would only give their fans a 9 track album. Se,e patience has payed off, here are some links to previews off the album

QOTSA Creating Era Vulgaris, Song: Turning On The Screw (possible title)

QOTSA Creating Era Vulgaris, Song: 3's + 7's

5:15er's Playing New QOTSA Material Live, Song: Into The Hollow

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Fu Manchu Album Available For Streaming

We Must Obey, the new album from Southern California fuzz-rockers Fu Manchu, is now available for streaming at the band's official MySpace page. It will remain posted until the album's Feb. 20 street date.

Vocalist, guitarist and founding member Scott Hill describes the record as his "favorite Fu Manchu album from start to finish," but he also acknowledges that it represents an angrier and more aggressive side of the band than some might expect. "The title We Must Obey is a big 'Fuck you' to people who like to tell us what we can and can't do," he says. "It's not specifically directed at any one person, just at the thought of someone thinking that they know what's best for you, more than you knowing what's best for you. That theme runs through the entire record.

"It's a pissed-off sounding record," Hill continues. "There are a few 'quiet' moments, but those are rare. I grew up on hardcore - punk rock bands from '80 to '85 - so I definitely think those influences are showing up a little more. There are some straightforward rock riffs on there as well. Overall, it's a very full, heavy and fuzzy-sounding record."

The band's tenth album (and Century Media/Liquor and Poker debut), We Must Obey - praised by Decibel as the band's "best set of riffs in years" - was recorded at Hollywood's Grandmaster Recorders studio (Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Black Crowes). Finishing touches were added by Gene Grimaldi at Oasis Mastering (Velvet Revolver, Pennywise, Rev. Horton Heat).

In addition to the songs "Hung Out To Dry" and "Between The Lines" - both currently available on the limited-edition Hung Out To Dry EP - the album includes a cover of The Cars' classic "Moving In Stereo." The complete track listing is as follows:

01. We Must Obey
02. Knew It All Along
03. Let Me Out
04. Hung Out To Dry
05. Shake It Loose
06. Land Of Giants
07. Between The Lines
08. Lesson
09. Moving In Stereo
10. Didn't Really Try
11. Sensei vs. Sensei

In other news, Fu Manchu will film a video for "Hung Out To Dry" in Los Angeles this weekend with director Lucas Heyne (Master P, Tsar, Switchfoot). Look for it to premiere shortly after the band kicks off a six-week U.S. tour on Feb. 28.

Thank you to UG for this information

Friday, February 16, 2007

Era Vulgaris: New QOTSA Album

I was at the Sizzler today.

Hitting the cheese bread pretty hard you know how I do.

Heard a French guy in the booth behind me dropping bombs.

Turns out QOTSA are going to be doing some press to announce the new album.

the Dr. is not gonna be scooped like a pile of potato salad.

The record is called Era Vulgaris.

It's coming out in June.

Your fake track lists makes the Dr. laugh like a little girl.

Into the Hollow

Sick, Sick, Sick

Misfit Love

Battery Acid

Could be song titles. or could not.

go sign up on the mailing list for future insider info

then get off the internet and go get laid, its valentines day


dr. inside

From Queens Of The Stone Age Official Site

I'm glad that I did not post the 'so called track listing' from as it appears it was false and the good Dr has given us something solid and nothing at all, damn I should be a professional lyricist. But QOTSA fans you now have a date to hope for and some, haha, possible track names.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wolfmother Win Grammy For Best Hard Rock Performance

In a ceremony held before the broadcast of the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, Wolfmother picked up an award for Best Hard Rock Performance. Their song, "Woman," beat out tunes by Buckcherry, Tool, System Of A Down, and Nine Inch Nails.

In a pre-show ceremony where stars prefer the red carpet over the pre-show awards, Wolfmother raced up go get their award

"Thank you very much. We're blown away. This doesn't happen very often at all to in Australia any band. So, I'm going to go right to the speech because I was sitting there in the hotel and I thought about, 'Maybe we could win? What would happen?' So, I just want to thank my parents, Mike and No, and my brother Christian. They came over for this. My brother got me started on guitar when I was a kid. We just got together in Sydney, three guys and tried to write some songs. Here we are in LA. We made the record here down at the Beverly Laurel, and here we are two years later with this. It's amazing."

Backstage after getting their Grammy, the band said they're now part of Hollywood royalty.

"It's funny. Like, you do have ideas that it's sounding good and maybe the gigs will get bigger and things will happen, but like a Grammy that's the last thing that was on my mind. I thought that was something that was reserved for the permanent residents of Bel Aire. Well here we are. Maybe we should move there? With this (points to Grammy statue) just rock up to the entrance and be like, 'Dudes! Check it! Give me a house!'"

The Grammy is Wolfmother's first. The Grammy for Best Heavy Metal Performance went to Slayer, who edged out performances by Mastodon, Lamb Of God, Ministry, and Stone Sour.

Thank you to UG for this information

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Some Stoner Songs

Here are a couple of my own songs, they are a bit messy but generally alright. Desert Flowers and Wretch are some heavy stoner rockers and Heavy Eyes is kinda of a spacey retro chill out.

Desert Flowers

Heavy Eyes


The Devil's Kitchen Stoner Rock Festival

Head over to Sydney's Gaelic Club on Friday the 16th of February to not only catch me but also whole bunch of great Australian punk and stoner rock bands. This is an overview from Moshtix


The Devils Kitchen a Punk N Stoner Rock Festival is coming to Sydney. The headliner for this event is none other then THE HARD ON's.


The supports include Sydney's own REGULAR JOHN and THE VAN To fill the bill out in an appropriate fashion Victorian bands AHKMED, ANCIENT MAN and BLACK LOTUS are traveling and welcoming you to The Devils Kitchen. Devils Kitchen Our aim is to please - Our desire is to bring like-minded folk together. Our hope is to fucking blow you away…

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Album Review: Whores of Tijuana by Whores of Tijuana, Released 2005

This review is late as I had to order in this CD from the states, but I’m happy that I did, the Whores of Tijuana looks like they could go places with some better production and maybe a second guitarist but that might well clog up an already very chuggy (yes I made that word up) and heavy sound. These desert rockers are from Orange County, California, the land of desert rockers and yes they have that Kyuss sound, but while being very different, probably best to think of an Orange Goblin and Kyuss mash up and definitely some Black Flag influence in there as well , but it is always unfair to compare stoner rock bands, they are relatively original in their sound.. The first track Don Juan is just a fast pace riff up laying down a solid beat and pounds it into your head (much like some early QOTSA) and then the drummers dirt filled vocals come swirling in, who unfortunately is a little hard to understand, often the case with vocalists singing in that style, articulation can be very difficult and to give him credit he is drumming at the same time.

The next song 6 Minutes of Lovin’ is the true prize of the album along with Trip Manhattan, a very chilled out (but heavy) stoner groove which must be extremely fun to play live. The vocals are much better and the song is just some good solid rock, which can really be said for the rest of the album. It is a really good first outing from the Whores of Tijuana but it is not without its faults as already mentioned the singer can become tiresome with his dirt vocals and the production is a little sketchy, but the bass and guitar riffing and soloing is top notch. The more laid back songs are when the band is in its element, some of the heavy faster songs do sound a little forced and rushed. Carved and Shut Your Pie Hole are the better of these. I would hope that this band would be able to make a trip out to Australia to play a festival or side-show. Australia is mostly devoid of good stoner rock bands, I kicked myself for missing Brant Bjork and his band. 3.5/5 for a good first showing by the Whores of Tijuana.

Queens Of The Stone Age: Rumored new album tracklisting

In July 2006, Homme confirmed that "we're back in the studio, writing", but when asked who's in the band this time around he said "That's not a healthy question. You'll ruin the surprise. We've gotta keep our cool."

On November 4th, in a Ask The Band video feature on the official website, Josh Homme described the new record as "dark, hard, and electrical, sort of like a construction worker".

In mid-December, a rumour started circulating on a St. Louis Radio Station forum that the new QOTSA album would be titled 'Bound to Midnight'. A tracklist for the album soon surfaced soon afterwards with added notes on the songs by one of the station's DJ who claimed to have received an e-mail from an intern at Interscope who had heard the album when the final mix was brought in.


I have decided not to publish the list in respect for the band who at this stage I suspect would rather want to continue the level of secrecy they have developed for the recording of their latest album. If you desperately need to see the list, post a comment asking to see it or find it yourself. Although the list is interesting it may not be even true and hardly something that the band would want their fans seeing at this stage . The jerk intern that sent the email prob didn't think and just acted on impulse. Patience is a virtue.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Album Review: In the Absence of Truth by Isis, Released October 31, 2006

Isis latest offering continues the trend of beautifully crafted stoner esque sound-scapes, but this also appears to be its slight undoing as the album doesn’t appear to at any stage deviate from this theme of atmospheric build up followed by melodic vocals then descending into heavy riffs and growls which seem almost in the background of the tracks, which I actually found rather pleasant. But the unfortunate fact is that with each track mostly being over seven minutes, the album although being well produced and the musicianship as good as ever, feels repetitive and slightly boring. That is to say it has trouble grabbing the listener. On the other hand the album does sit well in the background without being to aggressive on the ears. Vocalist Aaron Turner does well in implementing clean style vocals with his growl style keeping them well balanced. There are defiantly some interesting things happening within the music and admittedly the first 3 tracks do grab you with their musicianship, but as already stated the album does not alternate enough to keep the listener interested. 3/5 stars
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