Sunday, January 28, 2007

Album Review: Whores of Tijuana by Whores of Tijuana, Released 2005

This review is late as I had to order in this CD from the states, but I’m happy that I did, the Whores of Tijuana looks like they could go places with some better production and maybe a second guitarist but that might well clog up an already very chuggy (yes I made that word up) and heavy sound. These desert rockers are from Orange County, California, the land of desert rockers and yes they have that Kyuss sound, but while being very different, probably best to think of an Orange Goblin and Kyuss mash up and definitely some Black Flag influence in there as well , but it is always unfair to compare stoner rock bands, they are relatively original in their sound.. The first track Don Juan is just a fast pace riff up laying down a solid beat and pounds it into your head (much like some early QOTSA) and then the drummers dirt filled vocals come swirling in, who unfortunately is a little hard to understand, often the case with vocalists singing in that style, articulation can be very difficult and to give him credit he is drumming at the same time.

The next song 6 Minutes of Lovin’ is the true prize of the album along with Trip Manhattan, a very chilled out (but heavy) stoner groove which must be extremely fun to play live. The vocals are much better and the song is just some good solid rock, which can really be said for the rest of the album. It is a really good first outing from the Whores of Tijuana but it is not without its faults as already mentioned the singer can become tiresome with his dirt vocals and the production is a little sketchy, but the bass and guitar riffing and soloing is top notch. The more laid back songs are when the band is in its element, some of the heavy faster songs do sound a little forced and rushed. Carved and Shut Your Pie Hole are the better of these. I would hope that this band would be able to make a trip out to Australia to play a festival or side-show. Australia is mostly devoid of good stoner rock bands, I kicked myself for missing Brant Bjork and his band. 3.5/5 for a good first showing by the Whores of Tijuana.


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