Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Album Review: Sahg I by Sahg, Released April 18th, 2006

This is the first release of stoner/doom metal group Sahg which is a collaboration between members of leading Black and Doom Metal bands Gorgoroth, Manngard and Audrey Horne. But unlike these bands, Sahg delivers something else, closer linked to the sounds of Sabbath while keeping a very Black Metal feel to the album. It is almost like the band has gone back in time and looked at Metals beginnings and asked themselves how can we improve on the work of our influences while coming up with something entirely original. Sahg I is what they have come up with and it succeeds.

The album opens up with a two minute soundscape that eerily builds up into track two, Repent, the albums longest track, and maybe most epic, but even Sahg’s shorter songs still achieve the epic status, as their melodies and riffing all intertwine in the albums slick production. Also, unlike the band's Black Metal counterparts, the vocals are quite accessible with the singer at times sounding a lot like Ozzy Osbourne but the majority of the time retaining his own melodic style. Although the band sounds like Sabbath, its songs are completely original and thankfully there is a lack wankerage with the guitar solo’s which are tasteful and refreshing.

The key tracks are Godless Faith, Soul Exile and Rivers Running Dry but the whole album is a gem, a breath of fresh air in a world of music filled with bland repetitive emo and pop rock, and Sahg isn’t just for the metal heads its has enough retro about it to satisfy those classic rockers. 3.5/5 for Sahg I, I look forward to the next release.


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