Sunday, December 24, 2006

Album Review: In the Absence of Truth by Isis, Released October 31, 2006

Isis latest offering continues the trend of beautifully crafted stoner esque sound-scapes, but this also appears to be its slight undoing as the album doesn’t appear to at any stage deviate from this theme of atmospheric build up followed by melodic vocals then descending into heavy riffs and growls which seem almost in the background of the tracks, which I actually found rather pleasant. But the unfortunate fact is that with each track mostly being over seven minutes, the album although being well produced and the musicianship as good as ever, feels repetitive and slightly boring. That is to say it has trouble grabbing the listener. On the other hand the album does sit well in the background without being to aggressive on the ears. Vocalist Aaron Turner does well in implementing clean style vocals with his growl style keeping them well balanced. There are defiantly some interesting things happening within the music and admittedly the first 3 tracks do grab you with their musicianship, but as already stated the album does not alternate enough to keep the listener interested. 3/5 stars


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